img_8811Hi, I’m Chelsea: lover of coffee, hater of cake, attorney by day, blogger by night. This space is where I share bits and pieces of my life, including motherhood, family, food, travel, and finding the joy in everyday life.IMG_7290img_9760

A bit about our family: KC and I met in college at UCLA, became friends, and then started dating in 2004. After a nice long courtship, we were married in 2011. A bit before this, in early 2010, I started a blog during the depths of my post-law school unemployment to chronicle a month without shampoo or conditioner. Since then this blog has evolved into a space where I post snippets of my everyday life — including my pregnancies and the births of our daughters, Primrose and Larkimg_9033In 2016, we relocated to Amsterdam from the California Bay Area for KC’s job and will be here through mid-2018. Our dog Penny is being well taken care of by KC’s cousin while we are away. 

Thanks for following along!

P.S. In addition to the implied sisterhood of being a woman and a mama, the name of the blog refers to the set of unwritten rules my sister and I had growing up.

(Like, if you’re going to straight-up copy the other person or buy the same sweater or something, make sure you get the ok from the person who bought it first. Same rule applies to the blog — I’m happy to share, just please get permission before using an image.)

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