My Fall Bucket List

Fall has arrived in Amsterdam, complete with gray, rainy mornings and thunder and lightening in the evenings. It’s one of my most favorite times of year here — the whole city feels quieter and cozier. I’m excited for big knit sweaters and heavy fall boots (and not just because my summer bikini body was mysteriously MIA this year after birthing a child in February…)

Here’s what’s on my fall to-do list this year:

  1. Stock up on candles and try to burn them everyday at home. As the days get shorter and shorter here (and let me tell you — in November/December there is verrrry little daylight) it’s so nice to light some candles and embrace the dimness of the season.
  2. Keep up with my workout routine. After seriously struggling with the last 10 pounds of baby weight and having my back freak out due to my severe lack of core strength (2 babies 21 months apart has been HARD on my body), I got serious about getting back in shape. Not just losing the weight, but actually regaining my pre-baby Bar Method strength; so I signed up for this post-birth core fitness regimen 8 weeks ago and for Bar Method Online a month ago, both of which I have been vigilantly doing 4-5 times a week. I’m not always in the mood and the scale is still being slow to respond (THANKS BREASTFEEDING), but I have noticed a major difference in my overall strength, especially in my core, since I started.
  3. Visit some Christmas markets in December. We’re booked for Berlin and Croatia already — I can’t wait!
  4. Bake more! I took a break from baking after Lark was born and just recently started baking again. I forgot how much I really enjoy it. It’s such a nice departure from just cooking dinner — even when Prim insists on “helping,” which inevitably makes the whole process longer and messier (and usually results in at least one ingredient getting unintentionally omitted… or doubled. Ha.)
  5. Celebrate Thanksgiving with some family that will be in town that week.
  6. Try to go out semi-regularly on date nights with KC. Sometimes the planning of it all and getting out of the house are a pain, but once we’re out it’s so nice to have the break together.
  7. Decorate for Christmas. We’re spending Christmas in Amsterdam this year! I’m so excited.
  8. Perfect a new cocktail recipe. I’ve been off the cocktails for a long time now (pregnant with Prim, breastfeeding, pregnant with Lark, breastfeeding…) and even though my tolerance is still ridiculous (and yes, I’m still breastfeeding), I’d like to master a new drink to serve during the holidays while we have family visiting.
  9. Make an advent calendar for the girls. I have one with pockets from Pottery Barn that I want to fill with fun tasks and treats for each day in December.
  10. Order a stocking for little Larky-Lou!

What’s on your list this year?

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