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Thoughts on a New Year

unnamedThere was so much about 2015 that was so amazing — the end of my pregnancy and meeting Prim definitely tops the list. But there was also a lot that was really hard last year. Unforeseen moves and transitions, and the settling into parenthood, which, as wonderful as it is, is still all-consuming and emotionally (and physically) challenging.

Now that KC and I have (mostly) found our groove together as parents, I’m looking forward to a little more calm in the new year. And (dare I say it) a little more sleep, maybe?

2015 felt like it was sort of a survival year. Powering through the second half of pregnancy, surviving birthing a child (literally), and then keeping up with the exhaustive, marathon pace of having a new baby, while weathering the bad luck of being kicked out of our house, then moving in with our in-laws the weekend before I went back to work.

It was kind of a lot.


So, while 2015 was a year I wouldn’t trade for anything, (I mean, look at this sweet life that started in 2015!) I’m really excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.

We have a lot on the horizon for this year, (including a tiny lady’s first birthday in May!) but for now I’m taking a moment to sit back and think about what things I’d like to commit to more in the new year.

  • Be good to myself and my body. 2015 brought about a lot of change to my life and my body. Pregnancy and childbirth change who you are down to the cellular level, so it can be easy to sort of lose your sense of self in the process of becoming a mother. In 2016 I’d like to focus on feeling like my best self, which means remembering to take some time just for me and getting my body back to a place where I feel strong and healthy.
  • Embrace the big changes to come. KC and I have some big decisions and changes coming in the coming months, so rather than fretting and over-analyzing everything (like I am known to do), I’m going to focus on embracing the changes as a whole and try not to bog myself down trying to control every tiny detail or worrying over every possible outcome.
  • Let go of the guilt. Growing up in a Catholic household, I’m very familiar with guilt. In fact, I’m pretty much fluent in it. Add being a mom into the mix, and sometimes it’s like, “Oh hey, is that Guilt River? Let me just go drown myself in it.” But, bathing in guilt is neither healthy nor productive, so in the new year I’m going to do my best to trust my own instincts and stick to my guns, while working to keep that creeping sense of mom-guilt at bay.
  • Give credit where credit is due. I’d like to focus a little more on being appreciative in the new year. This means not only appreciating the tangible things we have (like our health and a roof over our heads), but also appreciating the acts of those around me, and appreciating myself as well. I think so many of us work so hard, but continually focus on all the things we could be doing better, rather than taking a moment to be proud of all that we do and have accomplished. I think it’s about time I learned how to say, “I did this, and that’s awesome.”
  • Reconnect with KC whenever possible. Having a baby is a huge stress on your relationship (people who have kids to “save a marriage” — how?? I don’t understand it.) And while KC and I are as strong as ever, I’d like to make a concerted effort to really focus on finding time for just the two of us. Even if we can’t make it out for date night as often as we’d like, there’s plenty of other ways to make sure we carve out time for just us (hello, date night at home!)

What are your goals for the new year? Do you want to learn to pat yourself on the back? Get rid of the mom-guilt? (Easier said than done, right?) Or maybe just be better to yourself overall in 2016? I’d love to hear!

Happy new year, guys. It’s gonna be a great one.