Little Letters

Little Letters


Dear Prim: I see you, little sneak.

Dear December: Slow down! I feel like you just got here. (But, I have to admit, I’m really excited to be on break for a couple weeks starting today!)

Dear Rain: More please. Thanks.

Dear 2016: I feel like I just got out of the habit of writing 2014 on everything and now I have to learn how to write 2016?

Dear Christmas Gifts: You are all wrapped! Only one big gift left to get (and KC’s stocking to finish… Just like every year.)

Dear Winter Colds: Ok, I get it — you’re everywhere. But now that we’ve all gotten one (or two!) now, maybe you could leave us alone?

Dear Trader Joe’s Popcorn Tin: I had such high hopes, but I’m really underwhelmed.

Dear Williams Sonoma Christmas Catalog: I get that you’re super ridiculous, but it totally doesn’t stop me from wanting all the things. (I mean, not those stupid $7 marshmallows though. Let’s be reasonable.)

Dear BabyGap: Why must everything be so cute? Don’t tell KC…

Dear Wardrobe: I feel like everything I own looks kind of like garbage and anything remotely cute I can’t nurse in… First-time mom problems.

Love, Chelsea