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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (for your lady)


Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that people seem to love to hate.  I have never really seen the reason for hating it (even if you’re single, what about another awesome excuse to eat chocolate and celebrate yourself?), so I’m actually quite looking forward to Saturday the 14th.

Given that I’m pregnant, I think KC’s standard gift (champagne and flowers) may not work so well this year, so I’ve come up with a few suggestions below, most of which I think would be awesome to receive — pregnant or not.

  1. A massage.  It may be due to the 9-pound bowling ball currently residing in my belly, but a massage sounds pretty amazing.
  2. A mani/pedi.  I looove getting my nails done — it makes me feel put-together and polished.  And since I can baaarely reach my toes comfortably these days, I think this would be a really nice gift.
  3. Comfortable, good-looking sleepwear.  Yes, I realize that V-day is kind of the high-holiday for skimpy, impractical lingerie, but once you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, you come to realize how little use you get out of those lacy numbers.  There are a lot of sleepwear options available now that straddle the line between looking sexy and being comfortable enough to actually wear on a regular basis.  Some of my favorites are: these undies, this lace bra, a pretty nightgown, and a soft robe.
  4. Something frivolous.  Pretty much every woman I know has some item that she loves to splurge on — designer shoes, fancy hair products, etc.  I personally love a good statement lipstick and designer candles.
  5. Plans!  Yep, you read that right — plans.  I think there’s nothing sexier than when a man takes the reigns and plans something for just the two of you — no input needed.  Even if it’s just dinner reservations or tickets to the latest chick-flick, having your man go out and plan the whole evening?  Be still my heart.

*And in the event that you are carrying a tiny person in your belly like I am, it’s always nice to think about getting the wee bairn a sweet little gift as well.  (hint hint, Kace!)