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The Rundown


March 17, 2016

img_7683^^ snapchat filter photoshop FTW ^^ (because sometimes you need that kind of self-esteem boost 😉 )

Making: big giant life decisions. Adulthood is so stressful.

Cooking: beef stew this weekend! Because the rain is coming back, guys. I love it.

Drinking: session beers. Or as I call them, “mom beers” — because low alcohol content means it doesn’t impact my breastfeeding schedule. This and this are my go-to’s.

Reading: this article and feeling all the things.

Wanting: some new sweaters, because I inadvertently donated all of mine in the great postpartum clothes-purge. I think this will probably be my next purchase.

Looking: at umbrella strollers. I told KC that if I could combine this with this I’d be in heaven. (KC did an insane amount of research and ended up deciding we should get this one — which he found on sale. What an awesome decision marrying him was.)

Eating: sushi! Well, not yet, but I have some plans for this weekend.

Wishing: for some stability for a little while. We still live with KC’s parents and our living situation is going to be up in the air for at least another few months. Sometimes the whole “living in limbo” thing is tough — especially for fun type-A people like me.

Enjoying: date nights! One of the biggest pluses to living with KC’s parents is getting to take advantage of the free babysitting and zipping out for dinner together on a regular basis.

Loving: Snapchat’s new filter that makes you look amazing. (Um, FYI, that ^^ is the Snapchat filter version of my face. I def don’t look like that in real life — especially after a full day of working and chasing a 10 month old around. Not even a little.)

Hoping: to sleep in a little this weekend. Between work, teething, and daylight savings happening last weekend, mama is tiiiiiired.

Needing: a new swimsuit. Good thing I just ordered $600-worth of one-pieces from here. I know I’ll end up returning pretty much all of them, but I’m secretly hoping that this one is really cute on (because think of all the sunscreen I could save! And also, #momsuit)

Smelling: coffee, because Starbucks is taking a solid chunk of my paycheck these days.

Feeling: anxious, excited (see above re: big life decisions.)

Wearing: these basic T’s. The bottom stitch drives me a little nuts because the hem tends to flip up, but the fabric and fit more than make up for this little annoyance.

Watching: Cooked on Netflix. Cooking + documentary — sign me up.

Bookmarking: birthday cake recipes! For Prim’s first birthday party.

The Rundown


February 17, 2016

img_7221Making: lists, lists and more lists. I can’t remember anything these days unless it’s written down.

Cooking: soup — lots of it — because it doubles as dinner for us and frozen as baby food for Prim.

Drinking: water (so boring, but I’m trying to drink more these days!) Oh, and also sparkling rose, because how else am I supposed to get through February?

Reading: The Danish Way of Parenting and I Capture the Castle

Wanting: a whole new wardrobe and some alone time to go buy shoes.

Looking: at plane tickets (and hot damn are they expensive!)

Eating: steak! We bought some for Valentine’s Day and I honestly can’t remember the last time I even had red meat.

Wishing: for more rain. February sun is fun but annoying. (Like, if it’s going to be sunny, just be April.)

Enjoying: having time with KC. Busy season has slowed a little so I actually get to spend some quality time with him here and there (meaning that he’s not always laying on the couch doing work on his laptop when we’re hanging out.)

Loving: taking walks. This nice weather has been an awesome excuse to get outside with the stroller.

Hoping: for Prim to sleep through the night soon(ish). She did it once recently and I’ve got my fingers crossed that we might make this a reality!

Needing: a haircut. Like OMGGGGG.

Smelling: these beautiful-looking but horrifically-smelling trees in bloom. I swore there was a dead body decomposing at the BART station the other day, but nope — it was just the trees.

Feeling: tired, busy, all the mom feelings.

Wearing: Gap’s high-rise denim (mom jeans FTW).

Watching: reruns of Happy Endings on Hulu. Whoever decided to cancel that show is a real dumb-dumb.

Bookmarking: this whole board, because chop chop.