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The Rundown


July 26, 2017

Photos from our trip to the zoo this weekend!

Making: peanut butter chocolate chip cookies as a belated treat for KC’s birthday (he has been working in Dublin for most of the past two weeks)

Cooking: the “Amsterdam” version  of this White Chicken Chili (because I can’t find all the ingredients here.) It’s delicious and healthy!

Drinking: Dutch beer, duh.

Reading: We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

Wanting: more time and more sleep, always.

Looking: at mamafiets (“mama bikes”) — though not anymore! I bought a new one this weekend!

Eating: peanut butter cookie scraps… They came out kind of crumbly, I think because I only have a hand mixer here. Plus my oven is weird.

Wishing: for nice weather for the next week. We’ve got visitors!

Enjoying: the fact that the kids went to bed super easy tonight. Hallelujah.

Loving: our weekend adventures. We did brunch, the bike shop, one of my favorite toy stores, and the zoo all in one day.

Hoping: to catch this damn mouse that is running rogue lately. Get outta here.

Needing: to get ready for tomorrow. Blah.

Smelling: lavender extract. I put it on the kids before bed to keep the mosquitos off them. (Prim and I are being eaten alive.)

Feeling: accomplished. Moving the girls into the same room has been an adjustment for both of them (and us), but so far with some sleep training and schedule fine-tuning, things are going really well.

Wearing: jeans and tees. Mom life.

Watching: Game of Thrones (delayed on US cable via VPN — ha!)

Bookmarking: accessories for my new bike!

The Rundown


October 17, 2016

img_9974Making: apple cake (I snapped the baking process if you care to follow along — chelseac7off)

Cooking: Ina’s mac and cheese this week. It’d better be delicious.

Drinking: water, because I’m a responsible pregnant lady.

Reading: No Bad Kids — Toddler Discipline Without Shame. I actually just finished this and really liked it.

Wanting: this pumpkin loaf! Gotta find some pumpkin around here though…

Looking: at warm clothes for P and the baby. I feel very unprepared for “real” winter.

Eating: apple cake… in like an hour.

Wishing: that this apple cake baked a little quicker.

Enjoying: the new lights we bought over the weekend at IKEA. Our apartment isn’t such a dark, depressing cave now.

Loving: the local chocolate. Tony’s Chocolonely is going to be the death of me (or really just the death of my moderate pregnancy weight gain).

Hoping: to book our tickets back to California for Christmas this week!

Needing: to figure out dinner. Ugh, everyday.

Smelling: fall spices! I made a scent on the stove and now the whole apartment smells wonderful all the time. (In case you’re curious, I used orange peels, whole cloves, a cinnamon stick, half an apple, a knob of ginger, and some whole allspice berries.)

Feeling: pregnant

Wearing: maternity jeans that are constantly falling down. I’m a mess.

Watching: Stranger Things with KC (I know, I know, we’re so behind). Ummm it’s kind of totally creepy.

Bookmarking: new fiction to read. I really need to get back into the groove of reading every night (and not just parenting stuff!) Send along your recommendations if you have any!

The Rundown


June 17, 2016


Making: stovetop mochas for breakfast (and isn’t that little pot cute? It’s IKEA!)

Cooking: roast chicken tonight. It’s going to be a regular thing in these parts since I need the bones for stock. They don’t sell stock here, only bouillon, apparently. And I’m not super down with MSG…

Drinking: all the Euro beers! Blondes, Tripels, Goldens, all of it.

Reading: the Dutch utilities websites. Google Translate is a godsend, but not exactly foolproof.

Wanting: Prim to take a nice long nap so I can veg out for a bit. Moving = going up and down the stairs 400 times a day.

Looking: forward to Father’s Day this weekend! Or I guess I should say, “Vaderdag.”

Eating: Lu Petit Ecolier (because they’re so cheap here!)

Wishing: that someone could come and steam clean the floors and the couch for me.

Enjoying: using the Bugaboo again. The Yoyo is awesome for travel, but the Cameleon is made for these cobblestone streets!

Loving: our new place! It definitely has its quirks, but it’s so charming and lovely, and it’s so nice to be home.

Hoping: to hit up Albert Cuypmarkt this weekend for some flowers and fresh fish. (We live less than two blocks from the market!)

Needing: to do laundry. Per usual. Ugh.

Smelling: Ecover cleaning products, because I went a little crazy in the cleaning aisle at Marqt.

Feeling: HAPPY.

Wearing: different clothes, because after two whole months I was finally reunited with the rest of my wardrobe! But let’s be real, it’s still jeans and a t-shirt because I’m boring.

Watching: US TV via my crafty VPN network.

Bookmarking: recipes for beef stock. Looks like I’m gonna have to find a butcher who sells beef bones around here…

The Rundown


May 17, 2016

img_8377Making: a mess, because I’m packing — we move to Amsterdam tomorrow! (holycrap)

Cooking: nothing. I’m just assembling snacks for the plane!

Drinking: a mom beer in the afternoon, since I’ve got a long break between nursing sessions.

Reading: the kid-show section of Amazon Prime, because all the rules go out the window when trying to keep a baby (toddler? OMG) quiet on an international flight.

Wanting: to sleep on our flight tomorrow night, but let’s be real — that’s probably not going to happen.

Looking: forward to being settled in our very own place… soon.

Eating: Mexican food, See’s candy, avocados, all the California treats.

Wishing: that the flight to Amsterdam was a bit shorter.

Enjoying: sleeping through the night. Guys, it’s a game-changer.

Loving: all of Prim’s babbling. All of her little nonsense conversations are just too adorable.

Hoping: to find a perfect apartment in Amsterdam (quickly!)

Needing: to do laundry, wash my hair, get organized, stop stressing. All the things.

Smelling: Prim’s sweet baby-smell.

Feeling: excited to move, sad to leave, ALL THE EMOTIONS.

Wearing: the comfiest and most adorable sun dresses from Old Navy (that I got sooo much on sale. Whoop whoop!)

Watching: Game of Thrones, and wondering whether I even like it, even though I’ve watched all the seasons. It’s so depressing!

Bookmarking: ways to watch US shows overseas. Because guys, I need to keep up with Outlander!

The Rundown


April 12, 2016

img_8084-2Making: piles of stuff, because the movers are here today — packing all of our stuff to be shipped to the Netherlands!

Cooking: Kodiak Cakes. I bought the box at Costco a few weeks back on a whim and I totally can’t get enough! I mean healthier pancakes — what’s not to like?

Drinking: water (but I wish it was all the beer in the land because moving is stressfullllll)

Reading: the f-ing fix-it ticket I got courtesy of the officer who decided to pull me over for doing 38 in a 35 and then “let me go” with a citation for lack of proof of current insurance. And obviously I have insurance, but it’s not a violation you can just get signed off by any random police officer — it has to be signed off by the court, and according to the court it takes 6 weeks to A YEAR to get the ticket into the system so that it’s even correctable, which means I’ll be dealing with it AFTER moving out of the country. Sooooo… cool. (And I’m all for cops and stuff, but 38 in a 35, really?? Can we please go deal with some REAL issues? I mean, my God.)

Wanting: to punch someone in the face + all the massages

Looking: forward to being less stressed… soonish.

Eating: See’s candy from my birthday. Put all the caramels into my mouth.

Wishing: I didn’t have a stupid ticket to deal with on top of all of this moving-out-of-the-country nonsense.

Enjoying: having our move just around the corner! It’s a lot to worry about, but I’m really excited to start this new chapter.

Loving: KC for being so easy-going about everything. While I’m spinning myself into a giant tangle of stress, KC is there being totally chill about everything. Thank God I married him.

Hoping: to relax soon.

Needing: to wash my hair. As usual, but ugh somuchwork.

Smelling: citronella from Penny’s anti-bark collar, which works sort of.

Feeling: tired, stressed, and totally annoyed with traffic cops.

Wearing: a super-limited wardrobe because everything we’re bringing to the Netherlands is being packed up and shipped, which means we’re living out of a suitcase for the next 6+ weeks.

Watching: Season 2 of Outlander via our Starz add-on subscription through Amazon Prime. (It’s like the best $9 I’ve ever spent, basically.)

Bookmarking: all the tips for flying with infants. And all the cocktails you can order on a plane.