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Monthly Motherhood Update: Prim at 15 months

August 9, 2016


Saying: Prim is picking up new words almost daily now. Having conversations with her is so funny. Yesterday we had this little exchange:

Prim: “Daddy?”
Me: “Daddy’s at work.”
Prim: “Burp.”
Me: “Work.”
Prim: “Burp.”

Eating: Prim is still a pretty adventurous eater, especially if KC or I are eating with her (since she wants to eat whatever we have.) She definitely is getting some opinions around dinnertime about what she does and does not want to eat, and since she’s learned the word “fruit” (“oot”) it’s a constant back and forth of Prim asking for “oot” and me telling her she cannot have any more fruit (because seriously this girl is going to turn into a banana or a peach or a mandarin with the amount of fruit she eats everyday.)

Doing: Prim is walking all over the place and attempting to climb everything. The other day I turned around and she had climbed up onto a kitchen chair and was attempting to steal the bowl of chicken tikka masala I had on the table.

Latest milestone: Prim is walking and talking and turning into more of a kid everyday. She has started mimicking a lot of our mannerisms recently (mostly mine…) This weekend when KC was strapping her into her bike seat she put her arms out with her palms up and raised her shoulders like, “What is this?” KC just started laughing and turned to me going, “Oh my god, you do that!”

Favorite toys: Prim has been pushing the wooden baby carriage we got her for her birthday around a lot, which is so adorable. She often fills it full of treasures like stuffed animals and clean dish towels, which makes her look like a tiny hobo pushing her cart full of wares around the house.

Sweetest things: Prim is currently obsessed with babies. We have been FaceTiming Alexis just about every day and the entire conversation basically consists of Prim saying “Baby!” until Alexis pans the video over to show the baby. And yes, we spend the entire day with Prim pointing to my phone going, “Baby!” and me explaining that we can’t call the baby yet because he’s sleeping (which, y’know, is mostly true).

Favorite thing about this age: Prim is so outgoing and having her walk everywhere has just highlighted her social personality. We regularly walk down the street to drop the recycling off at the bins on the corner and Prim talks to every person she sees. The best is if she sees someone walking a dog though, because she’ll scream out “DOG!” like it’s the most exciting thing she’s ever seen.

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Monthly Motherhood Update: Prim at 14 months

July 11, 2016


Saying: Prim’s vocabulary is rapidly expanding these days, and while she might not have the perfect pronunciation just yet, she has a pretty impressive list of “real” words right now, including: mama, dada/daddy, Pop Pop (my dad), hi, bye, airplane, book, hot (which is a long, drawn-out, whispery “hhhhhhhot!”), P (herself), fan, dog, and bird.

Eating: Prim is still game to try most foods, but getting her to transition to whole milk has been quite a challenge. I continue to introduce it to her at most meals, but getting her to drink more than an ounce is kind of an uphill battle.

Doing: Prim talks all day long (if she’s ever quiet you can bet she’s gotten into something she’s not supposed to), and she’s recently learned how to climb up onto the couch. I have to admit that it’s a little unnerving to look over into the living room and see her just sitting by herself on the couch like a regular person.

Latest milestone: Prim is now walking, though she still crawls much of the time because it tends to be faster and more efficient (and this girl is all about speed!)

Favorite toys: Prim is currently obsessed with her Duplo Legos and Uncle Goose wooden blocks. The fact that both toys make quite a racket when dumped on the floor is just an added bonus.

Sweetest things: Prim has always been very busy and has never been a super clingy baby, but she has recently started wanting to cuddle together on the couch in the mornings. It’s a bit like trying to cuddle with a wriggly water balloon, but I know these moments are fleeting so I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Favorite thing about this age: Prim is kind of insanely social and is obsessed with other kids. We had a little friend over the other day for her to play with and Prim just about lost her mind she was so excited. She kept crawling up to the other girl, getting up onto her knees and reaching for her while yelling, “Hiiii!!!”

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Monthly Motherhood Update: Prim at 13 months

June 9, 2016

img_8834Saying: Prim is babbling constantly and making all sorts of new sounds. She has a handful of “real” words, but she has extensive conversations in her own native tongue (which, unfortunately, I’m not quite fluent in just yet 😉 )

Eating: Prim still eats a TON of food — and I’m still totally surprised by how much she eats. The other day I made buttermilk pancakes from scratch (this recipe, which is great) and made the pancakes really large — like the size of a salad plate. Prim ate two whole pancakes AND an entire nectarine for lunch. And yes, she was hungry for a snack about two hours later. How is this even physically possible?

Sleeping: Prim definitely had a transition period when we arrived in Amsterdam, but she actually acclimated to the time change really quickly. She’s back to sleeping through the night like a champ, but I’m sure with the move into our new place just around the corner another little shakeup is bound to happen.

Doing: Prim is busy and constantly in motion, but will stop every once in awhile to “read” a book, which has become quite an event, full of loud nonsense words and dramatic page-turning (and given that I’m the one who reads to her every night, I can’t imagine where she’s getting all this flair from. 😉 )

Latest milestone: Prim can stand on her own unassisted, and can even get to a standing position from the floor without holding onto anything, but she has yet to take her first steps. I’m sure that walking is imminent, and I can only imagine what sort of trouble she’s going to get into once it happens!

Favorite toys: Prim plays well independently and especially enjoys “cooking” with her little pots and pans, which were a birthday gift from my sister’s mother-in-law.

Sweetest things: Prim has learned how to blow kisses, and no longer exclusively gives kisses open-mouthed. She’s learned how to do the “smack” motion, and loves to practice by grabbing my face with both hands and planting one on me. I’m sure that someday she’ll be devastated to learn that she ever loved to kiss her mama on the mouth, but right now there is just nothing sweeter.

Favorite thing about this age: Prim has become fascinated by airplanes (apparently watching them out the window is very different from actually being on one) and watches for them from our hotel, as we have a pretty decent view of the airport from here. Anytime she sees one, she yells and throws her hands in the air like it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever seen.

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Monthly Motherhood Updates: Prim at 12 Months

May 13, 2016

img_8413Saying: Prim says Mama, Dada, dog, and bye now. She might be saying duck as well, but it’s still kind of unclear. 😉

Eating: Prim’s continues to be a voracious and adventurous eater. The other night she took down an obscene amount of roasted lamb and marinated grilled mushrooms. I really hope this eating thing continues because this girl will eat just about anything!

Sleeping: Prim has been sleeping through the night consistently now, which has been such a treat. She does still have the occasional “off” night where she’ll wake up once after she goes to bed, or she’ll wake up in the very early morning, but the whole sleeping through the night consistently thing is such a game-changer. It’s like I didn’t even know how tired I was until I started sleeping a normal number of hours all in a row.

Doing: Prim is chattering away and making all sorts of new sounds. She speaks a mile a minute and very clearly wants to communicate (she’s quite insistent with her gestures and facial expressions). I honestly can’t wait until she has more words in her vocabulary — it’s like she has this whole inner dialogue that she’s just dying to tell us about!

Latest milestone: Prim likes to choose her books at bedtime now, and sometimes prefers to “read” them herself, rather than having mama read them to her. It’s very sweet, but she’s also started the obstinate scream-response when we take something from her or do something she doesn’t like. I guess we knew it was coming (and it’s not surprising at all given her larger-than-life personality), but man, I can really see those toddler tantrums on the horizon now.

Favorite toys: Almost all of her toys were packed up weeks ago to be shipped to Amsterdam, but this girl hasn’t missed a beat. Her current favorite plaything is an empty Kleenex box, which she stuffs full of old BART tickets, large legos, and, occasionally, even her stuffed lion.

Sweetest things: Prim has learned how to give “Eskimo kisses” in addition to regular kisses, so now if I ask for one she’ll lean into super close to my face and giggle when I rub my nose against hers.

Favorite thing about this age: Prim has just started to become a little bit shy around people she doesn’t know well (or doesn’t remember). When they approach her she will either crawl to me or KC and hide behind our legs, or bury her head in our shoulder if we’re holding her. She does eventually warm up and start chattering away, but the “stranger danger” response is pretty darn cute.

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Prim’s First Birthday Party

May 10, 2016

img_8357-1We celebrated Prim’s first birthday over the weekend. Since her birthday happened to fall just before our move, we decided to have a combination going-away/birthday party to celebrate the start of Prim’s second year and the start of our new adventure in Amsterdam.img_8464 img_8465img_8466img_8346-1KC’s mom and I worked hard to plan the party, and in the end everything really came together nicely.

img_8467-1It was so nice to have so many close friends and family come over to celebrate Prim, and Prim did fabulously amidst all the attention (this girl loves a party!)

img_8367 img_8356-1Prim wore a grey Baby Gap dress, which was the very first thing we purchased after we found out we were having a girl, and used as a gender-reveal gift during Christmas for my parents. Her pink sweater was my mom’s when she was a baby (and look how sweetly Prim coordinated with her Nonna on her special day!)img_8354-1I made Prim a little no-sugar smash cake (recipe coming up tomorrow!), which came together surprisingly well. I was a little doubtful that it would work out the way I intended, but actually ended up being adorable and perfect.

img_8350-1img_8473-1This was the cake we served to guests — I’ll be posting about this beauty later in the week as well. (Doesn’t it look fancy? It was $19!)

img_8365I can’t believe this sweet little peanut is one already, but what a great way to ring in the end of her first year.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and share the day with us. It was so special having you all there, and we sure are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.