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A Decision Has Been Made

We’ve got news, guys. After many months and countless conversations (some more contentious than others…) we have decided what we will be doing next year after KC’s Dutch contract ends. This was not an easy decision, and I can’t tell you just how close things came to working out another way.

Ultimately, we have made the decision to return to the US next year after we finish up our time in the Netherlands. It was down to the wire on whether we would be spending more time in Europe (we were thisclose to doing a year in Dublin after this), but we finally came to the conclusion that we will be returning to the Bay Area.

There is a lot we are looking forward to moving back — being close to family, especially (this was the biggest motivator in our decision to move back). There is also a lot we are going to have to adjust to again when we transition back to the states. (Driving, UGH.) There is still a large part of me that wants to stay in Europe indefinitely. Honestly, if we weren’t close with our families or if they were more spread out geographically, we probably would have stayed.

Right now we’re focusing on enjoying our last seven-ish months in Europe and slowly working through the logistics of moving back to the states. But consider this your final warning — we have a limited amount of time left here (and 7 more trips already booked…) so if you want to come and visit us, your window is closing soon!

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