The Rundown


Photos from our trip to the zoo this weekend!

Making: peanut butter chocolate chip cookies as a belated treat for KC’s birthday (he has been working in Dublin for most of the past two weeks)

Cooking: the “Amsterdam” version  of this White Chicken Chili (because I can’t find all the ingredients here.) It’s delicious and healthy!

Drinking: Dutch beer, duh.

Reading: We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

Wanting: more time and more sleep, always.

Looking: at mamafiets (“mama bikes”) — though not anymore! I bought a new one this weekend!

Eating: peanut butter cookie scraps… They came out kind of crumbly, I think because I only have a hand mixer here. Plus my oven is weird.

Wishing: for nice weather for the next week. We’ve got visitors!

Enjoying: the fact that the kids went to bed super easy tonight. Hallelujah.

Loving: our weekend adventures. We did brunch, the bike shop, one of my favorite toy stores, and the zoo all in one day.

Hoping: to catch this damn mouse that is running rogue lately. Get outta here.

Needing: to get ready for tomorrow. Blah.

Smelling: lavender extract. I put it on the kids before bed to keep the mosquitos off them. (Prim and I are being eaten alive.)

Feeling: accomplished. Moving the girls into the same room has been an adjustment for both of them (and us), but so far with some sleep training and schedule fine-tuning, things are going really well.

Wearing: jeans and tees. Mom life.

Watching: Game of Thrones (delayed on US cable via VPN — ha!)

Bookmarking: accessories for my new bike!