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Motherhood Update: Prim at 21 months

Saying: Make no mistake, Prim is a talker. KC recently asked me, “Do all kids talk this much?” and I had to inform him that no, Prim is really exceptionally chatty. In addition to her own made-up language which she still whips out on a daily basis, Prim has mastered a lot of two- and three-word phrases now. She’s exploring possession (“Prim’s water! Mama’s coffee!”) and has really embraced command phrases (“Close it! More books! Mama sit!”) I can already see the makings of the best and bossiest big sister forming.

Doing: Prim is still obsessed with books. She goes to bed with a stack of books and it’s grown to be a little absurd — she’s literally going to bed with around a dozen books these days, and the first thing she says to me upon waking up is, “More books.” But being someone who is a little book-obsessed myself, I can hardly blame Prim for her love of reading.

Reading: Since Prim is so into reading I thought it would be fun to list out a few of the books that are currently topping her favorites list. She’s currently enthralled by the Frog and Toad series, The Little Red Hen, Jessie Bear What Will You Wear?, Miss Rumphius, Goodnight Yogaand The Friendly Beasts which is a holdover from Christmas that we just can’t seem to let go of. (Also very funny and very sweet — Prim has discovered a printed photo book I made for KC for our first wedding anniversary which has a bunch of our wedding pictures. She’s obsessed with looking through it and naming everyone she knows in the pictures. We’re literally looking through it upwards of six times a day.)

Latest trick: Prim is rapidly approaching age 2, and the big two-year-old behavior is starting to rear its head. Since our day is full of Prim making commands, she inevitably hears the word “no” in one form or another fairly often. This is now sometimes met with her standing stick-straight and screaming as loud as she can. I have to admit that it’s half terrifying and half totally hilarious.

Favorite toys: Prim is entering the world of pretend play which is really sweet. She still loves to “cook” in her kitchen and play with her baby doll, but she’s recently starting pretending to be a kitty and a baby without any props or toys necessary (just lots of sound effects and belly pets). Prim is also starting to play dress up (as evidenced by the photo at the top of the post). I don’t have a dress up box for her yet, so this exercise is her pulling out the basket containing all her winter gear and putting as much of it on herself as she can manage (often after removing her pants, because those clearly just get in the way.)

Sweetest things: Prim is the sweetest and snuggliest child a lot of the time. Whenever KC or I leaves she insists on “kiss” and “snuggle” before we depart (and how could we ever resist that request?)

Favorite thing about this age: Prim seems to comprehend that she has a little sister on the way (though we’ll see how it is when the reality of bringing an actual baby home hits!) She regularly snuggles up to my belly and says, “Baby sister! Kiss. Snuggle.” She also loves going to the midwife with me. She happily climbs the stairs to the office and yells, “Check the baby!” She even knows the whole drill and immediately heads over to the exam table as soon as they start taking my blood pressure, insisting on being right next to me while they measure and feel my belly and listen to little sister’s heart.