Giving Thanks

img_2610I am so, so thankful for:

  • ↑ That hilarious goof, who is so much work but sooo worth it.
  • KC, who puts up with my pregnancy mood swings and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Babysitters, who give us a night out together when we so desperately need it.
  • My heavy Dutch bike, which is getting harder to ride by the day, but gets us where we need to go.
  • My dad’s Netflix account. 😉
  • European health insurance, which makes all my pregnancy and non-pregnancy complications ever so affordable.
  • Naptime.
  • Our ability to travel while we live abroad — it’s honestly one of the biggest pluses.
  • — my most favorite Dutch website which delivers so many things I need (and maybe a few things I don’t).
  • This little wiggly lady currently residing in my midsection. She’s certainly making 4am really interesting these days.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.  Hope you have the best holiday weekend ever.

(And in case you’re wondering what we’re doing for Thanksgiving this year, we’ve hired a babysitter to watch P after she goes to bed and are going out to dinner. I can’t wait.)

PS: That picture above was taken while walking around Waterlooplein. Prim decided she didn’t want to walk any farther, so we were telling her we were continuing on without her. She just stood there and yelled, “BYE!!” and then threw her head back and laughed because she’s obviously the funniest thing ever.