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Maternity Jeans

img_0041As I mentioned last week, I have been searching for maternity jeans that are both comfortable and don’t fall down. While I love how comfortable my J Brand pair is, I clearly purchased the wrong size because they are constantly shimmying down my hips. Not only that, but I feel like the back doesn’t quite come up as high as I would like, so I’m always worried that I’m going to find myself in a plumber-type situation (if you catch my drift), which, while that may have been a hot thing in college, is definitely not my current scene at 23+ weeks pregnant.

I also have a pair of JCrew maternity jeans, which are my sister’s (we pass maternity clothes back and forth, since we seem to trade being pregnant every 6-12 months). They are also super comfy, but since my sister is a bit taller than I am, they are not the right size and end up baggy and unflattering by the end of the day (which is great when you already feel like your whole body is kind of baggy and unflattering).

I posted a question on Facebook recently about maternity jeans and got a bunch of great responses. The number one consensus, though? Maternity jeans, just like regular jeans, are totally personal. While there were a couple of repeat votes for a few brands, overall everyone had different opinions on who made the “best” maternity jeans.

The other issue I ran into is that maternity brands seem to be sort of few and far between here in the Netherlands. I never felt like the US had tons of maternity options or anything, but maternity sizing did seem much more readily available there than it does here.

img_0039Luckily, over the weekend KC, Prim and I took our bikes into the city center to check out a sale that was happening at a large department store. We ended up wandering into an H&M which carried maternity sizing and I walked away with three (!) new pairs of maternity jeans.

Finding these jeans felt like such a win, because they’re comfortable, stay skinny all day long, and don’t fall down! Hallelujah. Plus, they were a whopping €30 per pair, so walking away with three didn’t feel like I was burning our bank account to the ground.img_0040I never thought I was an over-the-belly maternity jean kind of girl (because generally I find anything digging into my belly to be incredibly uncomfortable), but these are actually super comfortable and the extra layer is great for the cold weather here in Amsterdam. Plus, the additional fabric means I never have to worry about being mistaken for someone who fixes drainage problems for a living.

*In case you’re curious, I picked up the H&M Mama Super Skinny in blue and grey, and the Mama Bikertregging in plum (color not currently available online). US version of the Super Skinny is available here. Bikertregging doesn’t appear to be available on the US site, but similar pants available here.

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