Pregnancy Update — October


I have a legit pregnant belly these days, which often feels twice as big at night. I feel like my belly is getting bigger faster than when I was pregnant with Prim, and even though I kind of expected this, I worry what it will mean for the third trimester. Luckily my weight gain is still low to moderate, but sometimes it feels like literally all of my weight is migrating to my midsection.

weeks: 22.5

baby’s size: spaghetti squash

i’m feeling: pretty good. This is sort of the sweet spot in pregnancy — where you look legitimately pregnant but you’re not so far along that the real pregnancy symptoms have descended in full force just yet. I am super hungry these days — especially at night, and some mornings I wake up to my stomach feeling really achy, as though I’ve been doing sit-ups all night long. (If only, right?)

food love: soup and mochas. Potato Leek Soup is the most delicious thing right now, and the amount that I can devour in a single sitting is basically Kobayashi-worthy. I’m making homemade mochas daily, too — there’s just nothing quite as comforting in this cold, rainy weather.

food hate: I don’t have any extreme food aversions right now, but I’m definitely much pickier food-wise than I am when not pregnant. The scene of me being incredibly hungry and staring into the fridge while mentally bemoaning that there’s “nothing to eat” is basically a daily occurrence. It feels like being a teenager all over again. (MOM! WHERE ARE THE BAGEL BITES?!)

3 pros for october: 1. The weather has been so wonderfully fall-like. It’s cold at night and chilly during the day. The gray, rainy days just make our warm, candlelit apartment that much cozier. 2. I’ve been cooking up a storm with all this second-trimester energy. It’s nice to feel somewhat normal after so many weeks of being completely miserable with the HG. 3. I’m so looking forward to the holiday decor and cheer that’s going to be decking the halls within the next few weeks! I will have my Christmas Pandora stations going non-stop.

3 cons for october: 1. KC has had to work a little more than usual recently (though nothing compared to the hours he used to pull in the states), which is a bummer for Prim and I because we miss our evenings with him! 2. Being back in Amsterdam and cooking regularly means going to the market just about every dayIt’s not that big of a deal, but sometimes I long for the days in California when I could do one big shop on Sunday and be stocked for the week. 3. My belly is at this weird stage where my regular jeans aren’t really comfortable anymore but my maternity jeans are still too big. First world problems for sure.

currently living in: regular clothes with the Bellaband, and diving into my maternity wardrobe as well. I definitely need a few more winter items — namely some warm sweaters that cover my bump. I’m hemming and hawing over ordering some items from ASOS since they have free shipping to the Netherlands, but I’m always so nervous about ordering clothing online, especially if I’ve never worn the brand before.

looking forward to: booking our upcoming trips to Vienna, Paris and California for Christmas!

dreaming about: the perfect pair of maternity jeans. I’m currently doing a desperate search for maternity jeans, as I’m not thrilled with either of the two pairs I have. I think I’ll end up ordering a pair of Paige skinnies, but I have to wait until I’m back in the states to get them because shipping to the Netherlands is absurdly expensive.


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