Little Letters

Little Letters

img_9923Dear Candles: You make this whole “less than 11 hours of daylight” thing a little more cozy and a little less depressing.

Dear IKEA: Thanks for having such cheap, unscented candles. (I guess it makes sense, since Sweden is even farther north than the Netherlands.)

Dear Friends: In case you’re curious, everyone in Europe that I’ve met has been like, “So Trump… Is that for real?” And all I can do is express how very, very confused I am by it as well.

Dear America: How did we get here? No seriously, HOW.

Dear Maternity Coat: I haven’t had to bust you out just yet, but I feel like you and I are going to be BFFs in just a few weeks.

Dear Baby: What are we going to name you?

Dear Christmas Markets: Which of you are we going to visit? Austria? Germany? Belgium? So many options!

Dear Maternity Jeans: You are so comfortable but so annoying because you’re always falling down! Booooo.

Dear Prim: I will eat you up I love you so.

Dear Weekend: Let’s do this.

Love, Chelsea