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Monthly Motherhood Update: Prim at 17 months

img_9942Saying: everything! Or it sure feels like it. She’s even started saying a couple of two-word phrases (and in true Prim fashion, the very first one was “big kid.” Of course.) She still has a crazy language of her own made up of nonsense words; as a result, Alexis started calling her “Nell” while we were in California (and all I could picture was this scene from Parks and Rec every time she would call her that).

Eating: Prim is still obsessed with fruit — especially bananas. Every meal is a constant back and forth of her yelling “BA-NA-NUH!” and me telling her what fruit she’s having instead because she eats an entire banana pretty much every day as part of her breakfast.

Doing: Prim is just starting to get into pretend play, which is really cute. She loves to “cook” while I cook dinner, which consists of her taking out a bunch of bowls and random odds and ends from the kitchen and lining them up on the bench near the dining room table. Usually the scene consists of measuring cups and spoons, tea, and a few random onions — what a feast. We also purchased a doll for her this past weekend since she’s baby-obsessed. She has been so sweet with her new “baby” — she carries it up near her shoulder and makes sounds like it’s crying.

Latest milestone: Prim picked up the word “no” while we were in California, thanks to her older cousin who is very two. She’s just starting to experiment with defiance, which most of the time is still sort of funny, since it usually consists of her looking you straight in the eye with a little smirk and saying, “no…” without much conviction — like she’s just trying it out. I know we’re going to be in for a whole roller coaster with that word shortly, though — I suspect even more so after this little sister arrives.

Favorite toys: Prim is still loving her wooden baby carriage, which is especially adorable since she now will put her baby in it and announce “walk!” like she’s taking her dolly out for an adventure.

Sweetest things: Prim has just started answering “baby” when KC or I ask her what’s inside my belly. I’m not sure how well she really grasps the concept that her little sister is in there, but the way she squeals it with the biggest smile just makes my heart melt.

Favorite thing about this age: Prim’s grasp of language has really grown by leaps and bounds the past couple of months. The size of her vocabulary is pretty amazing, but even more impressive is how well she understands what we say now. It has made challenging parenting moments a little bit easier because I can explain things to her calmly and know that she’s most likely understanding me. This was especially helpful for our trip to California, as I spent a lot of time explaining to her that we were going to take “two planes to see Nonna, Pop Pop, Auntie Alexis” and her cousins (some of her most favorite people). When the day of our trip finally arrived I would ask her over and over on the plane who we were going to see and she would excitedly answer, “Ah-tee! Baby Eece!” (which are Prim’s versions of her cousin’s names).