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This Weekend Was

KC took last Friday off work and it was raining, so we decided to take Prim to Tun Fun — a sort of Chuck E. Cheese-type place set up in an old abandoned subway station. I can see it being much more fun for a kid who is a little older — one who can run and climb things, but Prim had a great time parked in the ball pit meant for the little ones. 

She was mainly interested in throwing the balls out of the ball pit, which she was surprisingly good at. There was a solid pile of balls outside the pit by the time we headed out (sorry Tun Fun staff…) img_9632

And of course I couldn’t resist the child-in-a-cage photo op.

After Tun Fun we hopped on our bikes and rode in the rain to get some burgers for dinner. I managed to ride into one of the inlaid subway tracks in the street and almost ate it on my bike, so that was fun. Luckily Prim was on KC’s bike and not mine. Definitely not one of my better moments. (Also, the things that come out of my mouth in moments like this are so not kid-friendly.)

We also hit up this local carnival/film festival thing called Parade. It was… interesting. I thought it would be a little more kid-friendly, like carnivals in the states, but this was more geared toward adults and only had one ride (a particularly terrifying set of swings that went in a circle and had a guy who would stand and swing you around viciously as you would pass by — no thanks). img_9630 Prim had a good time wandering all around the grassy areas while we were there, at least. (Prim’s Canadian tuxedo/denim-on-denim look was my fault because I couldn’t find her other sun hat before we left the house.)

Afterward we biked to a local restaurant I had spotted the week before and got a milkshake. (Because milkshakes are my favorite thing these days.)  img_9635The rest of the weekend was spent running errands and doing other usual weekend things. Prim spent some time breaking in her new floaties and getting used to the headphones we bought her for flights. It was quite the look. img_9628 img_9627

Here’s hoping that she loves those headphones enough to sit still for at least part of the flights back to California in a couple weeks… img_9626

How was your weekend?

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