Pregnancy Update — August

It’s kind of crazy that I’m already in the second trimester. Even though I’ve been wildly ill for what feels like forever, this pregnancy is flying by compared to my last. I remember with Prim feeling like the first trimester took FOREVER. I was hiding my pregnancy (albeit not very well) and dying to just come out and tell people I was pregnant. This time around I could have waited another 8 weeks at least to share the news. I could have probably even made it until the baby arrived and been like, “Guess what, guys?!” Part of that is because it’s easier not to tell people when you’re overseas and most of your friends are back in California. The other part is that we told our local friends about my pregnancy super early on because I was so sick (which makes it really difficult to keep things under wraps) and because the second time around I was much more relaxed about letting people in on the secret earlier on.

weeks: 14

baby’s size: peach

i’m feeling: somewhat better. I haven’t had to take any medication in 2 weeks now, and while I still have bad days, it’s nothing compared to what I was dealing with just a few weeks ago.

food love: nothing. Right now I don’t love any food. Eating feels like an obligation at best and like a total chore at worst. I have to eat every couple of hours or I get sick, but nothing seems appealing so I’m kind of just forcing myself to eat whatever seems the least revolting.

food hate: everything. All food disgusts me to some extent these days, though I have to admit I don’t have the extreme food aversions I had with Prim (I couldn’t even look at chicken during my first trimester with her — this time around I’ve eaten it quite a bit.)

3 pros for august: 1. My hyperemesis gravidarum has started to calm down and now is in the plain-ol’ morning sickness category, I’d say. 2. We’re going on vacation to Mallorca! I can’t wait to lay by the pool and not cook for a whole week. 3. Getting a child seat put on my bike has really opened up the city for me, and riding around with KC on the weekends has been so fun!

3 cons for august: 1. I’m still throwing up regularly. I’m super stoked for that to go away. 2. Insomnia has started wayyyy earlier this pregnancy. With Prim I only had mild insomnia at the tail-end of my third trimester, this go-round it’s how I knew I was pregnant long before I even took a pregnancy test. 3. I haven’t actually gained any weight yet (mostly due to the fact that I was so sick that I lost a bunch of weight early on), but my belly is HUGE. That whole second pregnancy thing/having babies close together apparently means you look like you’re 10 weeks further along than you really are. (Or at least I feel like I do.)

currently living in: regular clothes still. One of the only upsides to the HG is that the weight loss means all my regular clothes still fit, even with this big belly.

looking forward to: vacation! Even though I’m not super stoked to stuff this belly into a swimsuit, I’m so so excited to do some swimming with a little fishy named Prim.

dreaming about: Mexican food. The Mexican food in Amsterdam is soooo terrible. SO TERRIBLE.  KC is constantly like, “It’s not that bad,” and I’m like, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS IS LITERALLY THE WORST THING I’VE EVER TASTED HOW CAN YOU EVEN CALL YOURSELF A CALIFORNIAN.”

(Being married to me = the best.)