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Dutch Baby

So, as I mentioned the other day, Prim is currently obsessed with babies. Granted, anyone under the age of 11 is considered a “baby” to her, but she seems to have a special affection for little newborns (as is evidenced by how high her voice gets when she yells, “baby!” when she sees one).

She has taken command of our daily FaceTime chats with Alexis, forcing her to pretty much exclusively show the baby on the camera at all times.

Prim’s baby obsession has come at a pretty opportune time for us, as we’ve got a sibling on the way for her, come February… img_9515

In case you’re wondering, yes we did plan to have babies this close together. We wanted Prim to have a sibling close in age to her, although we were a bit surprised by just how fast I got pregnant. I naively thought it would take a few months, given that getting pregnant with Prim was not instantaneous and I was still breastfeeding — but nope, it seems my body was like, “Oh, I know what to do!” this time around, which was both exciting and a little terrifying. img_9463-1

Prim doesn’t quite understand that there’s a baby coming yet, but she does have this recent fascination with my belly which is very sweet. img_9459 img_9456

^^Big sis conversations. Too sweet.^^

More pregnancy posts to come! Planning a birth in another country, the Dutch maternity system — it’s kind of a trip, guys.

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