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Monthly Motherhood Update: Prim at 15 months


Saying: Prim is picking up new words almost daily now. Having conversations with her is so funny. Yesterday we had this little exchange:

Prim: “Daddy?”
Me: “Daddy’s at work.”
Prim: “Burp.”
Me: “Work.”
Prim: “Burp.”

Eating: Prim is still a pretty adventurous eater, especially if KC or I are eating with her (since she wants to eat whatever we have.) She definitely is getting some opinions around dinnertime about what she does and does not want to eat, and since she’s learned the word “fruit” (“oot”) it’s a constant back and forth of Prim asking for “oot” and me telling her she cannot have any more fruit (because seriously this girl is going to turn into a banana or a peach or a mandarin with the amount of fruit she eats everyday.)

Doing: Prim is walking all over the place and attempting to climb everything. The other day I turned around and she had climbed up onto a kitchen chair and was attempting to steal the bowl of chicken tikka masala I had on the table.

Latest milestone: Prim is walking and talking and turning into more of a kid everyday. She has started mimicking a lot of our mannerisms recently (mostly mine…) This weekend when KC was strapping her into her bike seat she put her arms out with her palms up and raised her shoulders like, “What is this?” KC just started laughing and turned to me going, “Oh my god, you do that!”

Favorite toys: Prim has been pushing the wooden baby carriage we got her for her birthday around a lot, which is so adorable. She often fills it full of treasures like stuffed animals and clean dish towels, which makes her look like a tiny hobo pushing her cart full of wares around the house.

Sweetest things: Prim is currently obsessed with babies. We have been FaceTiming Alexis just about every day and the entire conversation basically consists of Prim saying “Baby!” until Alexis pans the video over to show the baby. And yes, we spend the entire day with Prim pointing to my phone going, “Baby!” and me explaining that we can’t call the baby yet because he’s sleeping (which, y’know, is mostly true).

Favorite thing about this age: Prim is so outgoing and having her walk everywhere has just highlighted her social personality. We regularly walk down the street to drop the recycling off at the bins on the corner and Prim talks to every person she sees. The best is if she sees someone walking a dog though, because she’ll scream out “DOG!” like it’s the most exciting thing she’s ever seen.

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