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This Weekend Was

img_9444This weekend was Pride in Amsterdam! We went to a BBQ on a friend’s rooftop near the city center. We were feeling very Dutch, as KC biked Prim and I over to the party. Prim sat in her little seat on the front of KC’s bike while I hitched a ride on the bars on the back of the bike. In case you don’t already know, the Dutch bike around with all sorts of people and things on their bikes — they’re basically like their cars. I’ve seen moms and dads who have an infant seat on the front, an extra bike seat on the frame, and another child on the back of the bike — 4 people on one bike!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the three of us on our family bike. I was too busy trying to look relaxed and not to fall off while KC rode us through town to take out my phone and snap a pic.

After the BBQ ended we walked through the center and took in all the festivities. There were people everywhere and bars and restaurants were spilling out into the streets with loud music and rainbow decor.

We headed over to one of the canals and watched part of the parade pass by. The place was packed with people, which made getting a decent photo pretty difficult, but it was really fun to be out with all the other locals and tourists. img_9486-1img_9485-1

After watching a bit of the parade we headed to a local cafe at Heinekenplein for a quick drink and snack. We had a very American/European moment when we ordered the nachos and asked for extra chips on the side (because the chips on the bottom always get soggy, obviously) so of course when our nachos came out we had a plate of nachos and a side of… fries. Haha. We should have known!

There was a little someone who was not at all sad about our miscommunication…img_9447

Fists full of fries. This girl takes after her mama with her love of food. (As I write this, she is stealing bites of the leftover Indian food I’m having for lunch. And yes, she already ate her lunch.)img_9452 img_9453

I honestly don’t know how many fries she ate (way too many, I’m sure). And at one point we caught her using a fry as a way to spoon straight mayonnaise into her mouth (since they serve mayo with the fries here). Parenting win.

After our snack we headed over to Museumplein and hit up the Banksy/Warhol exhibit at the Moco. img_9445

The biggest news of the weekend though is that I got a bike! We stopped at a bike shop on the way home to get a cushion for the back of KC’s bike (because those metal bars on the back are not the most comfy things to ride around on all day… trust me.) Instead I ended up finding a cheap used bike which we purchased on the spot and I rode home.

I’ll post some pics of my new bike later this week. Just wait until you see it… it’s very Dutch and kind of hilarious.

How was your weekend?