The Rundown



Making: stovetop mochas for breakfast (and isn’t that little pot cute? It’s IKEA!)

Cooking: roast chicken tonight. It’s going to be a regular thing in these parts since I need the bones for stock. They don’t sell stock here, only bouillon, apparently. And I’m not super down with MSG…

Drinking: all the Euro beers! Blondes, Tripels, Goldens, all of it.

Reading: the Dutch utilities websites. Google Translate is a godsend, but not exactly foolproof.

Wanting: Prim to take a nice long nap so I can veg out for a bit. Moving = going up and down the stairs 400 times a day.

Looking: forward to Father’s Day this weekend! Or I guess I should say, “Vaderdag.”

Eating: Lu Petit Ecolier (because they’re so cheap here!)

Wishing: that someone could come and steam clean the floors and the couch for me.

Enjoying: using the Bugaboo again. The Yoyo is awesome for travel, but the Cameleon is made for these cobblestone streets!

Loving: our new place! It definitely has its quirks, but it’s so charming and lovely, and it’s so nice to be home.

Hoping: to hit up Albert Cuypmarkt this weekend for some flowers and fresh fish. (We live less than two blocks from the market!)

Needing: to do laundry. Per usual. Ugh.

Smelling: Ecover cleaning products, because I went a little crazy in the cleaning aisle at Marqt.

Feeling: HAPPY.

Wearing: different clothes, because after two whole months I was finally reunited with the rest of my wardrobe! But let’s be real, it’s still jeans and a t-shirt because I’m boring.

Watching: US TV via my crafty VPN network.

Bookmarking: recipes for beef stock. Looks like I’m gonna have to find a butcher who sells beef bones around here…