The Rundown


img_8377Making: a mess, because I’m packing — we move to Amsterdam tomorrow! (holycrap)

Cooking: nothing. I’m just assembling snacks for the plane!

Drinking: a mom beer in the afternoon, since I’ve got a long break between nursing sessions.

Reading: the kid-show section of Amazon Prime, because all the rules go out the window when trying to keep a baby (toddler? OMG) quiet on an international flight.

Wanting: to sleep on our flight tomorrow night, but let’s be real — that’s probably not going to happen.

Looking: forward to being settled in our very own place… soon.

Eating: Mexican food, See’s candy, avocados, all the California treats.

Wishing: that the flight to Amsterdam was a bit shorter.

Enjoying: sleeping through the night. Guys, it’s a game-changer.

Loving: all of Prim’s babbling. All of her little nonsense conversations are just too adorable.

Hoping: to find a perfect apartment in Amsterdam (quickly!)

Needing: to do laundry, wash my hair, get organized, stop stressing. All the things.

Smelling: Prim’s sweet baby-smell.

Feeling: excited to move, sad to leave, ALL THE EMOTIONS.

Wearing: the comfiest and most adorable sun dresses from Old Navy (that I got sooo much on sale. Whoop whoop!)

Watching: Game of Thrones, and wondering whether I even like it, even though I’ve watched all the seasons. It’s so depressing!

Bookmarking: ways to watch US shows overseas. Because guys, I need to keep up with Outlander!