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Happiest Hour

The weekend before last KC and I decided on a whim to hit up a happy hour at a local restaurant (after doing some very important shopping at Old Navy when dresses were 50% off. Hallelujah!) img_8176

We haven’t been to a legit happy hour I think since before Prim was born (and I of course couldn’t drink for the 9 months before that since, pregnancy, y’know.) Now that Prim is older (and is down to nursing only three times in 24 hours! Whoop whoop!) she’s getting a little easier to take to restaurants. She’s always been pretty good about coming along for errands to the grocery store or Target — mostly because these are quick trips and there’s lots of movement and people and things to look at. But now we can occasionally take her to “highchair places” to have a quick bite or a drink without having her lose her mind or needing one of us to keep her entertained every second. (And I know that iPhones are amazing distraction devices that we may very well give into someday to keep Prim occupied, for now we try to keep her away from digital screens as much as we can, which can make the whole “sitting still” a little challenging.) img_8186I realize that going out for a quick drink in the evening might not seem like a very big deal to a lot of people, but it’s something that KC and I used to do together pretty regularly before we had Prim, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss it after almost two years. It’s also something I’ve dreamed about doing in Europe — going out for a quick afternoon coffee or glass of wine and watching the world go by. (I’m sure it will be much less relaxing than I’m envisioning, but who cares! It’s my daydream, so lay off.)

Going out with Prim in tow is certainly not the same as the long, leisurely evenings we used to have together, but I think this new setup might just be even better. (Y’know, at least when she’s not screaming and throwing silverware. 😉 )