The Rundown


img_8084-2Making: piles of stuff, because the movers are here today — packing all of our stuff to be shipped to the Netherlands!

Cooking: Kodiak Cakes. I bought the box at Costco a few weeks back on a whim and I totally can’t get enough! I mean healthier pancakes — what’s not to like?

Drinking: water (but I wish it was all the beer in the land because moving is stressfullllll)

Reading: the f-ing fix-it ticket I got courtesy of the officer who decided to pull me over for doing 38 in a 35 and then “let me go” with a citation for lack of proof of current insurance. And obviously I have insurance, but it’s not a violation you can just get signed off by any random police officer — it has to be signed off by the court, and according to the court it takes 6 weeks to A YEAR to get the ticket into the system so that it’s even correctable, which means I’ll be dealing with it AFTER moving out of the country. Sooooo… cool. (And I’m all for cops and stuff, but 38 in a 35, really?? Can we please go deal with some REAL issues? I mean, my God.)

Wanting: to punch someone in the face + all the massages

Looking: forward to being less stressed… soonish.

Eating: See’s candy from my birthday. Put all the caramels into my mouth.

Wishing: I didn’t have a stupid ticket to deal with on top of all of this moving-out-of-the-country nonsense.

Enjoying: having our move just around the corner! It’s a lot to worry about, but I’m really excited to start this new chapter.

Loving: KC for being so easy-going about everything. While I’m spinning myself into a giant tangle of stress, KC is there being totally chill about everything. Thank God I married him.

Hoping: to relax soon.

Needing: to wash my hair. As usual, but ugh somuchwork.

Smelling: citronella from Penny’s anti-bark collar, which works sort of.

Feeling: tired, stressed, and totally annoyed with traffic cops.

Wearing: a super-limited wardrobe because everything we’re bringing to the Netherlands is being packed up and shipped, which means we’re living out of a suitcase for the next 6+ weeks.

Watching: Season 2 of Outlander via our Starz add-on subscription through Amazon Prime. (It’s like the best $9 I’ve ever spent, basically.)

Bookmarking: all the tips for flying with infants. And all the cocktails you can order on a plane.