10 Things for Spring


Even though spring doesn’t officially start for another couple of weeks, this warm, spring-like weather has gotten me thinking about all the things I’d like to tackle before summer hits.

  1. Celebrate Prim’s first birthday! (I cannot believe she’s going to be ONE!)
  2. Take a trip with Prim! (I think somewhere on a plane, because we have yet to fly with her.)
  3. Research and purchase an umbrella stroller (for the aforementioned flight/trip.)
  4. Figure out what I want for my birthday. (Dinner out + a nap sounds nice…)
  5. Hit up wine country at least once.
  6. Have a girls happy hour or wine night.
  7. Find a new comfy pair of flats and/or booties. (Comfortable walking shoes are so necessary when walking everywhere and carrying a baby around!)
  8. Buy Prim a convertible car seat (because she’s almost outgrown her infant car seat. Sob.)
  9. Try out a few new recipes to add to my regular dinner arsenal. (I’m thinking fish tacos, grain bowls, and a new spring greens frittata.)
  10. Take a couple of day trips to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Happy Hollow with Prim.