Little Letters

Little Letters

img_6947Dear Prim: I’m really tired. Luckily you’re really cute.

Dear January: You’re almost over! Thank God.

Dear Oysters and Champagne: I’m coming for both of you tonight! Yum.

Dear KC: Daaaaate niiiiiiight yaaaayyyyy!

Dear Government-Held Student Loans; What about how we finally paid you off? And every time I wonder why I have no money — now I know the answer.

Dear Lady tweezing her mustache on BART: Yeah, ok… You do you.

Dear Penny: You need a bath. So stinky.

Dear Superbowl: I don’t care.

Dear Week: Are you over yet? This feels like forever.

Dear Prim’s Tooth: Speed it up a little. Thanks.

Love, Chelsea