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Bringing iPhone Photos to Life

img_6995I’m always hunting for photo editing apps that are easy to use and provide awesome results to bump up my iPhone photo game. And honestly, the number of apps I’ve downloaded to edit photos is kind of insane given how few other apps I have on my phone. Some apps you need basically an advanced degree to figure out, which, for a photo-novice like me, doesn’t really work. Others have a few solid filter options, but are fairly limited in what they offer. I’ve also run into the issue of filtering making the quality of the photo go down.img_6999I stumbled across the app A Color Story this past weekend, and after playing around with it for a few days, I’m totally hooked. I initially downloaded the app for free, but then ended up purchasing a few of the extra filter packs because I liked it so much. And I don’t know about you guys, but I have this weird aversion to buying apps. Literally an app will be $0.99 and I’ll be like, “OMG no way am I paying for that!” as though I don’t spend $30 a week on coffee alone.

Is it just me? (It’s not, right?)

img_6942But yeah, that’s how much I liked the app — I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 for extra filters, which in my mind was basically like spending $500 in the app world. (I was legitimately preparing myself mentally for how much this purchase would affect my phone bill, “OK, it’s gonna be $51 next month instead of $46…”)

I’m ridiculous.

img_7001Below are some more before and afters using the app (befores on the left):img_6996img_6998 img_6997This post isn’t sponsored by A Color Story or anything, I honestly just like the app and thought I’d share!