Little Letters

Little Letters


Dear Prim: I don’t care how embarrassed you are of me, I’m never going to stop smothering you with kisses.

Dear El Niño: You’re the best. You almost make January bearable.

Dear Hair: I don’t even know what to do with you. Ugh. (I mean, obviously. ↑ )

Dear Weekend: Let’s do this already.

Dear Baby Gap: I want these. Also this. OMG and these?! (No one tell KC.)

Dear KC: Hiii Iloveyou.

Dear Movie Theater: It would be cool to come and see you at some point. Especially since I don’t have to pee every 5 minutes during a movie like when I was pregnant.

Dear Self: What about how you were actually alone last night for a couple hours? AMAZING.

Dear Pizza: Why isn’t eating you for every meal considered like, healthy and a diet everybody should be on?

Dear Work: You’ve been kind of stressful lately. It’s nice to have a day off today.

Love, Chelsea