Friday Photos

Friday Photos

IMG_7545{Thick as thieves, these two.}

Happy Friday! Do you have big plans for the long weekend? We’ve got some stuff booked, but I’m hoping that KC and I mostly get to spend some quiet time together because he’s been working so much lately. (Busy season is the worst!) I believe there may be a trip to Buy Buy Baby in the works as well to pick up some baby proofing materials, because this little mover is all over the place and into everything! (Also even though she has a whole bunch of toys, she seems to only be interested in Penny’s toys or playing with electrical cords. It’s not gross or stressful at all. Ah parenthood!)

Here are three other moments from the past week… IMG_7542{Rainy day — my favorite.}

IMG_7547{Half-drunk cup of coffee. A very accurate representation of my life right now.}IMG_7539{Cozy fire and a bunch of abandoned toys — because Prim is probably off playing in the dog bed.}

Have a great (long!) weekend!