Little Letters

Little Letters

img_6733Dear Snapchat: I still don’t really understand you (because I’m old) and I don’t know how to do like 90% of the things other people can do with their snaps, but I do have fun putting those little videos of Prim and Penny together. (If you’d like to follow along, you can add me: chelseac7off)

Dear Rain: Yessssssss!

Dear January: Ugh, you’re the worst.

Dear March: Hurry hurry please.

Dear Healthy Eating: So yeah, you’re fine and things are going well, but also I would like all the pizza and all the chocolate.

Dear Making a Murderer: I knew Len was shit from the start. All I kept saying during episode 4 was, “That poor kid, he doesn’t even understand this.”

Dear Fellow Lawyers: If you’re a shitty attorney, do us all a favor and go into a field that doesn’t matter so much. NOT criminal law.

Dear Oysters: Let’s meet up soon! Get in my belly. (I’m coming for you, Kumamotos!)

Dear Prim: Since we figured out how to drop that first feeding, you’re only up once most nights! This is life-changing for your mama.

Dear KC: Busy season sucks. I miss you. Date night soon?

Love, Chelsea