Friday Photos

Friday Photos


{a very sweet sleeping elf}

Happy Friday! I feel like this week flew by, but that tends to be how December goes. Also, I have done a bunch of Christmas shopping already, but somehow I still feel like I have a ton of gifts to buy. Does that happen to you? I kept thinking, “I’m going to be done so early this year! I’m so together!” Um, nope. I’ll probably be shopping right up until the end, just like every other year.

This weekend Prim and I are staying at Alexis’ house for a “ladies and babies” weekend. The plan is to watch Frozen and eat lots of carbs. Because, obviously.

Here are four other moments from the past week… 

IMG_6386{all bundled up for a walk around the neighborhood}

IMG_6490{Christmas jammies are happening in a big way over here}

IMG_6473{straight chillin’}

Have an awesome weekend!

PS: Prim’s Christmas jammies are Hanna Andersson (that design isn’t available online anymore) and Burt’s Bees.