12 Dates of Christmas / Holidays


The very best month of the year is finally here, so you know what that means — nonstop holiday cheer for the next 31 days! Christmas tree^^We don’t have our tree just yet, so that’s a picture of last year’s tree.^^

We spent this past weekend Christmas shopping, and even managed to brave the crowds (for a very short period) on Black Friday. Granted, we went out in the early afternoon — not at 4am, or whatever ridiculous hour the sales start at. (Even though I’m up at that time most nights… But really, I wouldn’t choose to be up at that hour. Y’know, if I had a choice.)

Anyway, we actually got a good chunk of our shopping done, which is pretty exciting. Now I have this massive pile of gifts in the bedroom that are just staring at me like, “Wrap me.” And, ugh, as much as I love a nicely wrapped gift, I can’t say that I really enjoy wrapping presents.

Xmas gifts

Aaaand since Thanksgiving is over, the 12 Dates of Christmas have officially started! Since we’ve got Prim in the mix now, I think I’m going to be taking a pretty loose view of what constitutes a date. Even living with the in-laws, it can still be tough for KC and I to sneak out to have time with just the two of us, so some of our “dates” will definitely be including our little Sweet P.

We got off to a great start this weekend, tackling four (4!) dates.

For our first date, we went Christmas shopping on Black Friday. This included an adorable trip to BabyGap, where I was like, “We have to get gifts for other peoples’ kids, but wouldn’t this look so cute on P?!” And KC basically just rolled his eyes at me and said, “Do what you want,” because that’s totally how our marriage works and one of the million reasons I love him.

Our second date we were able to sneak out and go to dinner on Friday night while KC’s mom stayed home to keep an eye on Prim who was already in bed. We went to a Greek restaurant, which was decent, but kind of loud. But it was so nice to just have some time for the two of us. We talked about all the big changes that are on the horizon for 2016, and discussed plans for our upcoming anniversary. We also discussed a budget for Christmas gifts for each other, but somehow managed to avoid deciding on an actual figure, so… I guess it’s gonna be a free-for-all this year!

Our third date was on Saturday night, when we rented Trainwreck on demand and vegged out on the couch. The movie was so funny (I was laughing out loud basically the whole time), and it was so nice to relax together on the couch, just like the pre-baby days.

Our fourth date was turning on holiday music, simmering a spicy scent on the stove, and decorating the house together on Sunday. We didn’t finish decorating, (um, decorating a house is a little different than decorating a one bedroom apartment!) but we made some good headway, so things are at least looking a little festive over here.

Eight more dates to go! I can’t wait.