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The 5 Best Baby Teethers (according to Prim)

IMG_7005We’re in the thick of teething over here, (which, is teething forever? It feels like it’s going to be forever) which means Prim is chewing on anything she can get her little hands on these days. Despite the fact that she’s pretty willing to gnaw on just about anything right now, she does have some preferences when it comes to teethers. I tried to find teethers that were made of natural products (food-grade silicone, natural rubber, wood, etc.) since I knew that Prim would basically be munching on them for days (months? years?) on end. Out of the assortment I was gifted or purchased, here are Prim’s favorites:


Sophie la Girafe and Mini Sophie la Girafe

Sophie is a standby in the teething world. There’s some weird magic that makes babies just love Sophie (apparently it’s one of the only baby toys that appeals to babies’ sense of smell — weird huh?) We like to joke that Sophie snout is a rare delicacy, as that’s the main part that Prim always seems to chew on.

Mini Sophie is great because it’s easy for little hands to hold and it’s small enough to toss in the diaper bag (great as a distraction for time in the carseat!)


Como Tomo Silicone Teether

I added this onto an Amazon cart awhile back as an “add-on” item in order to get free one-day shipping (I think I was out of breastmilk storage bags — whoops!) This might be Prim’s all-time favorite teether, even eclipsing Sophie (which, trust me, is hard to beat!) I think she likes that this teether is especially soft and easy to hold, and I like that it’s small enough to toss in the diaper bag easily so I can have it on hand when we visit friends or are out running errands.


Green Sprouts Cornstarch Hand Teether

This is a teether and rattle in one, which is especially good for distracting Prim when she gets fussy (which, for whatever reason is always when I’m trying to get ready in the morning.) Green Sprouts makes a lot of great toys, but Prim especially likes this one (I actually ordered it after Prim spent a day over at Alexis’ obsessing over it.)

Lifefactory Silicone Ring Teethers

The Lifefactory ring teethers came in a set with the baby bottles I ordered, and initially, I didn’t put too much stock into them, thinking that Prim would probably play with them briefly and then toss them aside. Luckily I was wrong, because she loves munching on those rings; and like the mini Sophie and the Como Tomo, these are great to throw into the diaper bag as well. And since they came in a 2-pack, there’s a backup for when one (inevitably) gets thrown on the ground.

IMG_6477Haba Kringelring

Haba makes a lot of awesome wood toys. The kringelring is colorful and easy for babies to hold, and even though I wasn’t really sure how interested Prim would be in using the toy as a teether, (since it’s made from beech wood) she actually loves chewing on it (when she’s not shaking it and watching the blue rings make noise.)


What do your kiddos chew on to help with teething? Prim isn’t too interested in cold teethers yet, but I’ve still got my eye on this one.

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