Friday Photos / Weekly recap

Friday Photos

IMG_6645{Halloween costume prep}

What are you up to this weekend? I’m teaching Bar Method and planning on starting Prim on solid food for the very first time. I know she’s ready (she’s super interested in what I’m eating these days and tries to reach out and grab whatever I’m trying to shove into my mouth half the time), but a part of me wants to stall it a little longer because then that means that she’s still just a baby and not growing up. That’s totally how it works, right?

Here are four other moments from the past week… IMG_6441{My favorite little face}

IMG_6971{Tree after the rain}

IMG_6977{Glamour shots with Penny*}

Have a great weekend!

*PS: Don’t worry, Penny’s anti-bark collar doesn’t hurt, it just sprays a little citronella when she barks.