Friday Photos / Weekly recap

Friday Photos

IMG_5898{The most adorable and edible baby toes}

This week I resurrected my Canon Rebel XS in an effort to work on the photography on the blog, and take more photos in general. Prim is obviously my main subject these days (though, capturing a squirmy 5 month old is a little trickier than I was anticipating!)

IMG_5895 IMG_5899

For every photo I got where at least something is in focus, there were at least five others that were a complete blur. I guess I can only get better from here, though, right?

This weekend we are taking Prim to the pumpkin patch, and I hope to find time to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with KC. In my mind, this always signals the official start of the holiday season. (And I don’t even care if I’m getting ahead of myself here — Christmas with Prim this year? My heart might explode with happiness.)

I’m also hoping to sneak in a nap or two because Prim is teething like no other, which means this mama is tiiiiiired.

Here are four other moments from the past week… 

DFEF8A51-80D5-4327-B3E9-8504B9AAC42B{Mom hair, which is made up of that garbage postpartum hair (ugh, hair after pregnancy is so terrible) + zero time for washing + an updo I can do in 12 seconds with one hairband because my 5 month old likes to grab and pull anything remotely close to her}

IMG_6114{Colorful bottles drying on the “lawn“}

625AE5DF-4DF6-429A-8B93-CEC4679E19D4{A squirrel has apparently decided that a pumpkin on the porch was ripe for eating. I’d be more annoyed that we have to replace it if it wasn’t so weirdly funny}

Have a great weekend!