Seuss hates everything

Words I Hate:

  • Tablescape (Is it just me or does this word instantly transport you back to like, 2001?)
  • Toothsome (A cooking blog pet-peeve of mine.)
  • Mouthfeel (Yet another cooking blog pet-peeve.)
  • Glean (This might be because of law school, because, for some inexplicable reason, people used it ALL THE TIME there.)
  • Flaccid (I mean, come on.)
  • Precious (Where people use it as, “I thought it would look too precious.”)
  • LOL (Pretty much all the time, but especially when it’s used at the end of every sentence.  LOL. ← Um, nope, what you just said was not funny.)
  • Loose/Looser (When people use it instead of lose/loser.)
  • Vegetarian (When people say things like, “I’m a vegetarian, but I eat fish.”  — It’s called being “pescatarian.”  Or, even worse, “I’m a vegetarian, but I occasionally eat meat.”  Well, then you’re not a vegetarian.  Or we’re all vegetarians.  Either way, it’s asinine.)
  • Sumptuous (it sounds weirdly intimate and makes me feel uncomfortable)
  • Champers (It’s called Champagne.  Show some respect.)

Words I Love:

  • Little
  • Parsnip (isn’t it just nice to say?)
  • Chocolate (yes please.)
  • Cheers (when accompanied by an actual cheers-ing with a drink, not when said as a weird goodbye by a non-European)
  • Humblebrag (so descriptive)
  • Animal (because, hello, they’re so cute)
  • Feast (I think it’s just a hilarious word)
  • Hippopotamus or Hippopotami (how can you be unhappy when saying either of those two words?)