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Easy Appetizers for a Crowd

We had my sister, brother and their significant others over for Halloween last week.  And while I did have a big dinner plan, I didn’t know when everyone would be showing up exactly, due to work, traffic, etc.  Because of this, I put together a little cheese appetizer spread to tide us all over until everyone arrived and dinner was ready.

This is something I put together often — usually about once a week.  Alexis generally comes over on Fridays after work for happy hour, and I’ll throw together a quick appetizer spread with whatever I’ve got in my cheese drawer and in the cupboards.

cheese spreadFor this particular spread, I had Camembert, Comte, Emmenthaler, and a chunk of some sort of swiss that was leftover from a previous night.  I also put out some of my mom’s homemade tomato jam (it’s delicious), honey, salami, turkey, and one of the green tomatoes from our CSA box, that I sliced up.  I added a pomegranate that I had broken apart just to make things look festive and seasonal (not to mention colorful!).  Then I served it all with some Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps (these are Trader Joe’s seasonal take on the more expensive Raincoast Crisps — which I love), regular water crackers, and some broken apart Rosemary Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers (also from Trader Joe’s).

Obviously, the giant bowl of Halloween candy is optional for a gathering — but I’ll tell ya, it was quite the hit at ours!

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