Friday Things

Given how this week has been going, I thought I should take a moment to reflect on a few things that made life this week a little happier:

  1. Thick socks on cold mornings.
  2. Warm days when you can have a drink outside with a friend.
  3. Watching Penny desperately try to befriend Seuss (paws down, tail up).
  4. Watching a movie in bed with Seuss and KC.
  5. When mine and KC’s life aligns on a random Tuesday so we can have a long dinner in our newly-finished dining room.
  6. Realizing that the upside to this fiasco is getting to buy new bedding.
  7. Weekday lunch dates with coworker friends.
  8. And on that note — the SF Soup Co. truck that comes down to our neck of the woods.
  9. Pizza.
  10. This cute scene, which now happens just about daily in our house:

penny & kcWorkin’ hard for the money.

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