Dinner / Food Journal

Back in Action

Hey all,

I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine-y weekend as much as I have!

I’m sorry I dropped the new 30 day challenge on you and then left you hanging for 2 days.  I’ll make it up to you — I promise!

So I will be faithful and finish up Friday’s post, as I know it was the last day of the Digital Food Diary challenge.

After KC got home on Friday we decided to go for a walk, since it was so nice out.  I grabbed a snack before we headed out to Piedmont:

Walking around Piedmont was nice, as usual.  We took some pictures along the way:

Yes, I wish you lived in Oakland too.  It’s a magical, magical place.

While we were out walking, I decided we should ease our way into the Happy Hour challenge by grabbing a drink at one of the places on Piedmont. We decided on César, a bar which serves Latin tapas.  KC and I each had a beer, and we split the pupusa platter:

The platter came with three kinds of pupusas: pork, black bean, and some sort of cheese one.  The pork one was definitely my favorite.  The cheese one was a bit too cheesy for me (go figure), so I only had a bite.

I had the Allagash white ale to drink.  I’m such a sucker for Belgian-style beer!  I think a trip to The Trappist may be in order soon…  Who’s with me?

After our drinks and snack, KC and I headed back to our apartment, gathered our things (laundry) and headed off to Walnut Creek for the night.

The rest of the night’s festivities included more drinking, hanging out, and making a home-made birthday card for Josh’s birthday BBQ which was the following day.  Exciting!

Well, this officially concludes the Digital Food Diary challenge!  If y’all are seriously missing the daily food update — let me know; I may be convinced to bring it back.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the 30 day glimpse into my food habits!  I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing (most of it) with you.

On to Happy Hour!