Going "Natural"


Got a call this morning that my stylist is sick, so I won’t be able to get my hair cut today as planned.  What a bummer!  On the plus side, got to have lunch in San Jose with my sister and my brother (who’s home from college on spring break.  Braden gone wild!)  Aren’t we just an adorable bunch…

Ok so that was going to be a sibling picture (trust me, it was cute), but my mom’s computer is slower than that guy’s speech you met at the bar last Friday night.  I don’t know what the deal is with the computer/site/internet connection, but it felt like I was trying to download music off Napster from my dial-up internet connection circa 1998 (not that I EVER did that).  Apparently something in the equation of iMac + WordPress + AT&T internet = FAIL Fixed!

Ok I’m off!  Gotta go grill Braden (the extra cool one in the photo…) about this quarter’s happenings at everyone’s favorite UC…  I’ll post again once I’m on a computer that doesn’t take 40 hours to upload a photo later!