Going "Natural"

Day by Day

Hey friends.  So for this post I’ve decided to show you all pictures of my hair throughout the week, so you can see how it looks day to day (since I’m only washing twice a week).  Many of you said that you could never only wash your hair only twice a week because it would become too greasy.  As I said in my previous post, I definitely recommend trying the no ‘poo thing for 30 days and seeing how it pans out for your hair (remember, you may have to work through a week or two with your hair up while your scalp readjusts).  Ok, onto the pictures…

Day 1 — Wash day

As you can see, nice and straight with good volume.  (Jesus Christ I am WHITE!  Yes, I can own up to it.  I’d like to blame the lighting, but I just hate lying.)

Day 2

Take a look at the fly-away situation.  They seem to be confined to the ends of my hair (because that’s where the most damage is, argh…)  Before this challenge, I had fly-aways all over!  Now my hair looks much smoother and healthier (despite the fact that I haven’t had a cut since early December!)

Day 3 — aka Project “Don’t Get Sick”

This was yesterday.  I did nothing to my hair (yeah, didn’t even pick up a brush… girlfriend of the year!) as my day was spent on the couch chugging gallons of water trying to fend off an oncoming cold.  Yes, the lighting is terrible and I look like a mess (luckily KC was snowboarding all day so he didn’t have to witness me in all my anti-sickness, pajama-clad glory).  But anyway, my hair didn’t really look that bad actually.  I even ventured outside at one point (sans styling) because there was a car accident near my apartment building (seriously, it was like a scene right out of a Dane Cook routine — everyone running outside, “Shoes?! F#@$ shoes!”, “Officer, I was washing a dish.  The dish can be Exhibit A”).  As far as I could tell everybody was fine (the cars…not so much.)

Anyway, back to the hair…

Day 4 — Here’s today (I included the most pictures for today since it’s the last day before washing and I figured it would be the most relevant for people thinking of trying the challenge)

So, not quite the volume of days 1 and 2 obviously; but as you can see, not exactly a greasy mess either.  When I was on the ‘poo, by day 4 my hair would be thrown back into a bun or ponytail as it would be far too flat and greasy to be styled straight and worn down.  Now, not so bad though.  I’m not saying I would head out to an important event with my hair looking like this, but it’s certainly good enough for everyday activities (talking about you Bar Method — hence the royal blue Lulu tank I’m wearing in the pics).

Alright, that’s all for now folks!  Remember, if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!  And don’t forget to send me suggestions for future challenges if you have any in mind.  Ciao!